Our existing investments by industrial sector include TMT, semiconductor, and education sectors

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Focus Strategy

  • We believe that businesses that are aligned with macroeconomic policies, government emphasis and growth trends will strongly outperform. Our current investment focus is on TMT, semiconductor, and education sectors, followed by SaaS and medical/healthcare sectors. We also consider other sectors opportunistically.

    We target enterprises with strong market leadership potential. These companies are well positioned to expand rapidly, either in a geographic region or globally.

​Rigorous Process

  • We adopt a disciplined investment approach leveraging local knowledge and international experience. Prior to our investments, we conduct rigorous due diligence on industry fundamentals and company specific matters. We also exercise investment discipline on entry valuation and terms, thus positioning ourselves for attractive returns while limiting downside risks.

Active Service

  • SinoVest will share its expertise in formulating strategic initiatives, corporate finance,strengthening management teams, introducing strategic investors, partners, and improving corporate governance and internal controls. Portfolio companies also benefit substantially from access to SinoVest's network.